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12 Ft Snooker Table

12 Ft Snooker Table

A 12 ft snooker table is a larger-than-average size for a snooker table. Typically, snooker tables come in various sizes, with the most common being 10 ft and 12 ft. However, 12 ft tables are less common and usually found in professional or dedicated snooker venues.

The dimensions of a 12 ft snooker table are approximately 12 feet in length (144 inches or 365.8 cm), 6 feet in width (72 inches or 182.9 cm), and the playing surface is typically 10 feet long and 5 feet wide (120 inches x 60 inches or 304.8 cm x 152.4 cm). Snooker is a popular cue sport that is played on a rectangular table covered with a green baize cloth. It features 21 colored balls, including 15 red balls worth 1 point each, and six balls of different colors worth various points. The objective of the game is to score more points than your opponent by potting the balls into the pockets using a cue stick. Please note that the dimensions provided here are approximate and can vary slightly between different manufacturers or tables.

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