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British Billiards Table - Tanishq Billiards

British Billiards Table - Tanishq Billiards

British Billiards Table

We have tied-up with certified vendors who assure us about the quality of the material that we used for Billiards table manufacturing. Thus, the Billiards table finished products comply with high quality standards. Being a quality-conscious firm, we ensure that the offered Table comply with the laid industry standards and are of supreme quality.

British Billiards table:

Table Sizes: 12ft x 6ft, 10ft x 5ft, 9ft x 4.5ft, 8ft x 4ft, 7ft x 3.5ft, 6ft x 3ft 

Table Color: Dark Brown I Cherry I Golden I Silver I Teak I Matte or Gloss finishing 

Table Slates: Imported I Indian Italian I Granite Slates 5 pieces 45 I 38 mm with CNC Machine Leveled 

Table Cloth: 6811 32/30Oz I Sam Spain I 777 I 6565 Cloth I England Cloth

Table Cushion: Premium Wooden Block Cushion with high speed rubber I NRC or Melien Rubber Cushion top on Billiards table 

Table Pocket: Imported Inner English Pocket I Brass Outer Pocket of International standards 

Table Legs: Pure hard woods with full carving and turning as per design 

Other British Billiards table Specification :

Designed to be a top quality Billiards table, only the best materials are used in Billiards table operation. Billiards table body frame, side and rail cushions are made of selected imported hard woods and hand-picked exotic. Billiards table complete with wooden block cushion with standard accessories. Billiards table Rail cushion comes with polished Matte & cherry finished.

 List of Accessories with Billiardstable :

One set of new Snooker Balls. (22 Balls)

One score board with runner & Pointer.

4 Billiard Cues of ash wood of standard weight and size.

4 fancy lamp shades.

One cue stands capacity of 6 cues.

One long butt cue.

One long rest.

One spider.

One short rest.

One Billiard brush.

One Billiard table cover for dust.

One Snooker triangle.

12 piece Billiards chalks.

12 piece of Billiard Cue tips.

6 Piece Hooks.

Q: What are the dimensions of a standard British billiards table?

A: A standard British billiards table typically measures 12 feet by 6 feet. However, there are variations in sizes, with smaller tables also being used for recreational play.

Q: What are the differences between a British billiards table and other types of billiards tables?

A: British billiards tables are larger than other types of billiards tables, such as American pool or snooker tables. Additionally, British billiards is played with three balls, whereas other versions may use different numbers of balls and have different rules.

Q: What kind of cloth is used on a British billiards table?

A: British billiards tables are traditionally covered with a napped woolen cloth, which provides consistent play and ball control.

Q: What are the main rules of British billiards?

A: In British billiards, players use a cue ball and two object balls (a red and a white). The objective is to score points by potting the opponent's ball and then potting one's own ball (in any order). Players continue until they fail to score or commit a foul.

Q: How is scoring done in British billiards?

A: Points are awarded for various achievements, such as potting balls or making a cannon (hitting both object balls with the cue ball in the same stroke). The scoring system varies depending on the rules being followed but typically involves accumulating points for successful shots.

Q: Are there any specific techniques or strategies for playing British billiards?

A: Like any cue sport, British billiards requires a combination of skill, technique, and strategy. Players need to develop precise cue ball control, positional play, and an understanding of angles and spin to excel in the game.

Q: Can British billiards tables be used for other cue sports?

A: While British billiards tables are specifically designed for playing British billiards, they can also be used for other cue sports, such as snooker or pool, with appropriate adjustments.

Q: How do I maintain a British billiards table?

A: Proper maintenance of a British billiards table involves regular brushing and vacuuming of the cloth, ensuring the table surface remains smooth and free from debris. It's also important to keep the table level to ensure fair play.

Q: Where can I purchase a British billiards table?

A: Call us 9990989899, 9643137147 to buy and purchase a British billiards table.

Q: Are there any official organizations or associations for British billiards?

A: Yes, there are several official organizations and associations dedicated to promoting and governing British billiards, providing resources, organizing tournaments, and establishing standardized rules and regulations.

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