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Carom Billiards Pool Table

Carom Billiards Pool Table

A carom billiards pool table, also known as a carom table or simply a billiards table, is a specialized table used for playing carom billiards, a cue sport that involves hitting balls with a cue stick to score points. Carom billiards is different from other pool games, such as eight-ball or nine-ball, as it does not involve pockets on the table.

The carom billiards table is typically larger than a regular pool table, measuring approximately 10 feet in length. The playing surface is usually made of a smooth cloth, which allows the balls to roll smoothly across the table. The table itself is supported by a sturdy frame and legs to ensure stability during gameplay.

On a carom billiards table, there are three main balls: one white cue ball, one yellow object ball, and one red object ball. The objective of the game is to score points by striking the cue ball with the cue stick, causing it to hit the object balls in a specific sequence. Players aim to make their cue ball contact both object balls in a single shot, known as a "carom," earning points based on the specific rules of the game being played.

Carom billiards tables do not have pockets like those found on pool tables used for games like eight-ball or nine-ball. Instead, the balls are required to make contact with each other and bounce off the cushions of the table in order to score points. The absence of pockets adds a different level of strategy and precision to the game.

Carom billiards is a challenging and highly skilled game that requires precise control of the cue ball's movement and an understanding of the various techniques and strategies involved. It is popular in many countries, particularly in Europe and parts of Asia, and is often played competitively at professional levels.

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