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Billiards Table Steel Block Cushions

Billiards Table Steel Block Cushions

Billiards tables typically have cushions made of rubber rather than steel blocks. The purpose of the cushions, also known as rails, is to provide the necessary rebound for the balls when they hit the sides of the table. 

Rubber cushions are commonly used because they offer excellent elasticity and durability, allowing for consistent and accurate ball rebound. The rubber used in billiards table cushions is typically made of a special compound that combines natural and synthetic rubber to achieve the desired performance characteristics.

Steel blocks, on the other hand, are not commonly used in billiards tables as cushions. Steel may be used as a component of the table's construction, such as the frame or support structure, but not for the cushions themselves.

It's worth noting that there are different types of rubber cushions available, with varying levels of responsiveness and playability. These cushions can be customized to suit the preferences of players and the specific requirements of different billiards games, such as pool, snooker, or carom.

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